Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The purpose of this blog is to offer the communities in the Education Cooperative Districts a way to stay up to date on what the program is working on .In case you are unfamiliar with the Education Cooperative, here is a little backgroundBrief Overview of Education Program:The Education Cooperative (the program) was created in 2007 by Llano Estacado UWCD, Permian Basin UWCD, Sandy Land UWCD, and South Plains UWCD. The managing office for the cooperative is Sandy Land UWCD. The four districts share equally in program costs and employ an education and public relations coordinator to carry out the mission of the cooperative.The location of the districts participating in the Education Cooperative is shown below.

The program is committed to providing opportunity for residents of all ages to learn about the importance of water as a precious resource and how to conserve it. Goals and objectives were developed by the Education Coordinator according to the recommendations of the managers of each District. Through the efforts of an Education Coordinator, emphasis is focused in two areas:

· Increased awareness within the communities of the water conservation districts.

· Delivery of the water conservation message.

For more information about the Education Cooperative, please visit our website by clicking the “Saving H2O Home Page” tab.

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