Monday, July 20, 2009

Our last day at State Youth Water Camp was focused on helping the students prepare for their speeches at the banquet. The kids did a great job presenting their findings from their specific project groups. All of the adults could see and hear a major improvement in everyone’s public speaking skills. The students received awards for their accomplishments during the week. The guest speaker for the banquet was, Gary Walker of the Sandy Land UWCD.

After having the weekend to reflect on my time in Monahans I have decided that I could not be a professional camp counselor. There were times when I wondered if I could walk one more step, or if I could listen to another kid’s ringtone on their phone. However, after hearing the kids talk at the closing ceremonies about how much fun they had and how much they learned, it was all worth it. They students gained knowledge about water conservation and the water industry that they can carry with them forever,and I am so glad that I could be apart of that. We had a fantastic group of kids and I am looking forward to seeing them again next year.

I would also like to thank Abigail Pritchard, Arlan Gentry and Leo Carrillo for allowing me to participate and experience my first water camp. I look forward to working with you all again soon.

For more information on State Youth Water Camp, visit the Ward County Extension Office website at

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