Monday, August 24, 2009

Back To School

Today is the first day of school for many of the students in our UWCD! I enjoyed watching the cars go by my house this morning and seeing all of the little faces in the passenger seats with their backpacks already on. Whether it is your first day at a new school or the first day of your senior year, I hope it is a positive day for everyone. For all of you teachers out there, only nine more months to go! (ha ha)

With today being the first day of the school, I encourage you all to be water wise throughout the year. To help you do so, I have put together 10 ways that you and your classmates can save water at your school. Students have the reputation of being wasteful, but with these tips students can help save water and money for their alma mater.

1. Save water from the drinking taps. Place ice cream containers under the
water fountains/bubblers and pour excess water on the garden.

2. Turn taps off after washing hands.

3. Remove weeds as soon as they spring up - they not only shelter pests and
diseases but are notorious water thieves too.

4. Keep your eyes open for signs of underground leaks, like a patch of grass
that is growing better than the rest, or a wet spot on your concrete. .

5. Catch rain water. Place containers outside when it rains or install
rainwater tanks. Use the rainwater to flush your toilets or watering the

6. Wash paint brushes in a bucket or ice cream container instead of under a
running tap.

7. Bring a water bottle to school and keep refilling it rather than using the
bubbler taps. At the end of the day, any left-over water can be poured on
the garden.

8. Quit flushing the toilet unnecessarily. You don't need to flush tissue when
you blow your nose. You don't need to flush insects down the toilet. Put it
in the trash!

9. Start a 'Water Saving' club. Members of the team can monitor leaking taps,
design posters on water saving tips, and tell friends about their

10. Telling your friends how to save water too.

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