Monday, September 21, 2009

Ag & Oil Day 2009

This past Thursday, I participated in the 2009 Ag & Oil Day in Seminole, Texas. Representing the Llano Estacado UWCD, I gave a presentation to 250 5th graders on the topic of rainwater harvesting. The students were from the schools of Seminole, Loop & Seagraves. Following the presentation, students painted Three barrels that will later be donated to their schools.

The LEUWCD Booth.

I started the presentation off by explaining to the kids what rainwater harvesting is and why it is important. i then talked about the rainwater harvesting process and how the rain gets into the barrels. We then discussed different ways that their communities could use rainwater.

Each student painted the barrel by using a sponge.

The finished product. The kids were very proud of what they had done and I cannot wait to give them their rain barrel.

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