Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Visual Water Dictionary

The Visual Water Dictionary attempts to cut confusion on ambiguous water terminology with easy visual references.

Term: Plume
Plume is an underground pattern of contaminant concentrations created by the movement of groundwater beneath a contaminant source, with the contaminants spreading in the direction of groundwater movement. The source site has the highest concentration, and the concentration decreases and dissipates away from the source.

Often Confused With...A Plume is a feathery accessory attached to a hat or other headgear. This plume floats merrily along with the direction of the wearer, and tends to disrupt the concentration and sight lines of other persons near the Plume’s source

Term: Slurry
Slurry is a liquid mixture of insoluble matter resulting from some pollution control techniques, such as the water used to remove impurities from coal. Slurry has been known to pollute local drinking water supplies by seeping into groundwater, lakes or streams.

Often confused with…Slurpee
Slurpee is a semi-frozen, carbonated drink sold by 7-Eleven stores (originally sold as Icees). Slurpee drinks are served fountain-style at a frosty 28 degrees. Slurpees have been known to pollute automobiles by seeping between seats into upholstery and floor mats.

Term:Cake In the final stages of wastewater treatment, Cake is the dried material produced when sludge is de-watered. It is usually used as a fertilizer or transported to a landfill.

Often confused with…Cake
is a moist and delicious material produced when certain ingredients (including water) are mixed and baked. It is often used in celebrations. Packaging and broken-down ingredients usually end up in landfill.

Today’s term: Mixed Liquor...In wastewater treatment, a mixture of activated sludge and water containing organic matter for activated sludge treatment in an aeration tank.

Often confused with…Alcoholic beverages which contain alcoholic liquids that are distilled, not fermented, and one or more other ingredients. Note: may or may not contain water.

I came across the water dictionary through a witty blogged called Thirsty in Suburbia. Let's face it, water is not the most exciting topic to read or talk about but this website does a good job of living the topic up a bit.

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Gayle said...

Thanks for the mention! The many unintentionally-funny terms in the water industry make me chuckle!