Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seagraves Library

Yesterday, I spent the morning talking to a group of students at the Seagraves Community Center. The Seagraves Library hosts a summer reading program, for youth in their community, every summer. I was asked to be a guest speaker this year, and was excited to get a chance to talk to their students.
I started the program by talking about the water cycle and the diffract components that help make it possible. The kids seemed shocked to learn that the water they use or drink, could be from when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.
We then read the book, A Drop Around the World by Barbara Shaw McKinney. We learned how a single water droplet can make its’ way around the world, by using the water cycle. The single drop traveled to jungles, desserts, glaciers and even ended up inside a cows stomach.

We ended the morning by playing the Project Wet activity “The Incredible Journey”. In this game, the students would become water droplets and go on an incredible journey, like the water drop in our book. I had eight stations set up, and the students would roll a dice to see which location they would go to next. Sometimes they would be a drop in a lake and other times they would be in a cloud. Each station also had a bucket of beads, in different colors, to represent that location. The students had a bracelet, and each time their journey took them to another location, they would collect that color bead to place on their bracelet. At the end of the game the students and I discussed where everyone had went on their incredible journey by looking at the different color bead on their bracelet

The students in Seagraves were wonderful to work with and I look forward to talking to them next summer!


Anonymous said...

That sounds like you had a great time. Good job, Crystal.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time! My students and son couldn't stop talking about it! Thanks for coming to our community!

Keila Stanfield
Loop School Kindergarten Teacher