Monday, July 26, 2010

Pioneer Woman Photography On Water

If you have never visited The Pioneer Woman's website, well here is your chance! I am an avid reader of her blogs and post. One of the sections , on her website, is dedicated to photography. Every few weeks she picks a topic and readers can submit their photos to flickr, for a chance to win a prize.
This weeks photo topic was WATER!!!!! I have had a great time looking at all the pictures that people from around the world have submitted. It is amazing how different people can capture one thing is so many different ways.
If you have a chance, surf on over to her site and look at the amazing pictures. Below, are a few photos that i selected as my favorites.

By The Momarazzi Chronicles

By mamasmonkeyfarm

2010-07 July 230
By Schlueter

ready jump!

By toddnjenifer

216. Birdbath

By The Opuses


By lookagain_1

wipe away the tears . . .
By janine1968

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