Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of a Great Year

The Education Cooperative would like to wish all the teachers, students school administration a wonderful first day of school today! We are excited about all of the exciting projects/presentations that we will get to share at our schools this year. With the playa festivals, conservations festivals, calendar contests, and Water Conservation at the capital project, we will be busy this Fall!

Remember you can help save water at school by:
Not leaving the tap running for a long time while you are washing your hands.
Turning off taps when you have finished using them.
Reporting leaking taps and toilets to teachers. One drop per second equals 7,000 litres of water wasted per year.
Washing paint brushes in a bucket or ice cream container
Monitoring water use by reading the water meter on Monday mornings and Friday afternoons so you can discover if there is any hidden leaking pipes (see how to do a water audit).
Nominating water monitors to check for leaks and running taps.
Designing signs to go near taps and toilets that tell everyone at school how they can save water.
Telling your friends how to save water too.

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