Monday, July 30, 2012

Water Olympics at the Plains & Denver City libraries

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting the summer reading program for the Plains and Denver City libraries. Both groups of kids were great to work with, and I am always amused by what kids come up with in conversations. One girl asked if I was 30 and if I was I could date her dad. hahaha. I laughed really hard about that one.

Anyway, the theme for the program was Water Olympics because the actual Olympics was right around the corner, and who doesn't like to pretend to be part of the Olympics? The events were far less intense, but the kids really enjoyed running around outside. The events included: shooting a basketball through a hoop into a water bucket, walking sideways and backwards while carrying water in a mini shovel and throwing water balloons through the Olympic rings. While we all had a lot of fun with the events, we also talked about how important water conservation is for the future. The winning team was rewarded with candy, which seems to be the best incentive I can find.

Here are some of the pictures from the Water Olympics in Plains. I think you will be able to see how much fun we all had. I look forward to many more experiences like this one! :)

Don't spill the water!

Normal pose.

Silly pose!

I knew someone would want to do this! 

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