Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kids, Kows & More 2012 (Brownfield)

Kids, Kows & More went very well this year. The purpose of K,K & M is to provide awareness on many different entities and get students thinking about where their food, fiber and water comes from. Fourth graders from Terry County, came to Brownfield to learn about agricultural products and natural resources of the area. The topics on deck included lean beef, cotton, dairy products, vegetables, insects, water, soil and viticulture. Students observed demonstrations and learned information about each of the topics presented throughout the day.

Our water presentation was based around how much water the world possesses. The lesson to be learned was that only one percent of total water on Earth is fresh water. Students were amazed to learn this fact and asked some great questions regarding salt and fresh water. I'm so glad they ask great questions because they really keep me on my toes! We also addressed the topic of groundwater and the Ogallala Aquifer by relating the percent of fresh water to our own way of living in Terry Count.

Overall, the day was full of activities that got Terry County fourth graders thinking and wondering about the agriculture and natural resources we rely on in our daily lives. I can't wait until next year!

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