Friday, April 19, 2013

Catch some Rain Knowledge with the South Plains UWCD

How can rainwater be harvested and used for your yard? This was one of the many topics covered at last night's Rainwater Harvesting Workshop hosted by the South Plains Underground Water Conservation District. Local residents gathered in the Terry County Show Barn to learn about conserving water outdoors and capturing rainwater from their roofs.

Following the brief presentation given by SPUWCD Education Coordinator, Adeline Fox, participants selected the rain barrel they liked. All who attended received a complimentary rain barrel, water timer and a rain chain. Rain chains act as a "chain gutter" directing water to a designated spot. In this case, the rain chain can direct water into the rain barrel. Guests had the option of spray painting minor details or simply leaving their rain barrel as is.

Practicing rainwater harvesting is beneficial in dry and arid climates. One inch of rainfall can fill a 60 gallon barrel easily. With a continued drought and summer on its way, it is also important to keep outdoor water conservation in mind. Increased temperatures cause higher rates of evaporation and watering at the right time of the day is critical during the summer months. Always remember to use water wisely.

In summation, the program was a success. Guests of all ages attended and had fun making the rain barrel their own. For more information on rainwater harvesting, visit the South Plains UWCD website at Here are some pictures from the event. Enjoy!

A total of 16 guests attended.

The rain chain and water timer work great for outdoor water use.

Starting to learn rainwater harvesting young!

He knew how to use the rain chain before I even gave the presentation!

Painting her last name on the pretty gray barrel.  

Very creative for the textured barrel.

The kids' art was on the back! :) Smart mom.

Stencil close up

This was my favorite design of the night! It looks rustic.

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