Friday, May 17, 2013

A Barrel Full of Information

The Permian Basin Underground Water Conservation District hosted their first Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Thursday, May 16. Sixteen residents of Howard and Martin Counties attended the hour long informational session to receive a barrel full of information.

Howard County Master Gardener, Julie Coats, gave listeners information on everything from the basics of catching rain to the complex installations of having a large system. A demonstration followed that simulated rainfall on different types of ground cover. The demonstration showed runoff effects in rangeland grasses, exposed soil, turf grass and a solid surface. Most of the runoff occurred on the solid surface, making rain barrels even more useful to prevent the wasted water runoff.

Overall, the event was informative and provided great awareness about a practice that works well in West Texas. Now all we must do is pray for rain. Below are some pictures of the event. Enjoy! 

Title slide.

The display for the demonstration contained each type of ground cover.
From left to right: native rangeland, exposed soil, turf grass and a solid surface.

A broader look at the display. 

Master Gardener, Julie Coats, gives the rainwater harvesting presentation.

Pouring water into the containers created the rain simulation.

An explanation of the runoff effects.

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