Friday, October 9, 2009

Kids & Kows and More: SPUWCD

Yesterday, the SPUWCD participated in the Kids & Kows and More program for Terry County . The Kids & Kows program allows students from Meadow ISD & Wellman-Union ISD, to experience the world of agriculture up close. The events are designed to give kids a little taste of all types of agriculture in their area.

We had a wide variety of presenters who came to speak to the students on the importance of conservation. Presenters included:

Curds & Way: Sandra Pierce- Texas AgriLife Extension

Entomology: Scott Russell- Texas AgriLife Extension

Cotton Ginning: Dan Jackson- Meadow Coop Gin

Rain Stimulator: Rhett Kerby & Greg Lindsey- N.R.C.S.

Beef Cattle: Martin Lefevere-Farm Bureau

Mobile Dairy: Dennis Carr- Southwest Dairy Farmers

I spoke to the 4th graders about rainwater harvesting and the importance of conserving water in and around their homes. After the presentation, the students painted rain barrels in their school colors. The Meadow Broncos used purple horse shoes on their white rain barrel . The Wellman-Union Wildcats had gold paw prints on their blue rain barrel.

The barrels, that the students painted, will be donated to their schools, so that they can learn about rainwater harvesting first-hand. We had a great time painting the barrels and I think some of the adults enjoyed painting more than the students.

Special thanks goes out to the Terry County AgriLife Extension Office for hosting this event.

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