Friday, April 9, 2010

Meadow & Wellman Union School Visits

It is finally time for our cooperative to start visiting our 4th & 5th graders for our South Plains & Sandy Land UWCD Calendar Art Contest. I enjoy spending time with the students and teaching them about the importance of water conservation.

This week I was able to visit Burleson Elementary in Meadow & Wellman Union Elementary. I talked to the students about how they could conserve water inside and outside their homes and we played a water conservation version of deal or no deal. We then discussed the UWCD Calendar Art Contest and when I told them that they could win $25 or $50, their eyes began to light up.

Below are a few pictures from the Wellman Union group this morning. I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the Meadow students due to a dead camera battery. But I do have a very cute story from my visit at Burleson Elementary.

One of my helpers kept asking me what they were going to win if they won the deal or no deal game. I would say “a pat on the back” or “you will just be the winner.” Obviously this wasn’t good enough for him so he said he had a GREAT idea of what they could win. He said his team could win my husband’s tractor because he has the best tractors around this area. He went on to tell his classmates how awesome my husband’s tractor is and how it would be the best prize. Trying not to burst into laughter, I told him I would talk things over with my farmer to see if we could fulfill his wish. Luckily, his team did not win but oh how I loved his imagination. My farmer does not have the best tractor around but I wasn’t about to tell this little guy otherwise.

My Score Keeper.

My little Vanna White's
Getting ready to answer a question.

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