Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NPGCD Water Festival: Part2

My next stop at the festival was at the “We All Live Downstream” presentation given by an employee of the NPGCD. The students discussed the effects of pollutants and pesticides on the earth while using a model. Each student was able to add a different type of pollutant to the model and at the end of the presentation; water was poured on the model, to represent rain. The pollutants that had been sprinkled over the model ran down the model into a muddy contaminated puddle.

Traveling outside, I saw a man speaking to a group of students by a fishing boat. He was with the Texas Parks and Wildlife and was talking to the students about the different pollutants in the water and how they affect the habitat in various bodies of water.

The No-Know Game was a fun activity put together by the Frank Phillips College students. The 4th graders played a game similar to candy land but the questions and squares were topics associated with groundwater.

The Incredible Journey was indeed a journey to find! The students were in the school gymnasium and when I walked inside there were kids running around everywhere! Once I finally got the idea of how the game was played, I was wishing I had arrived sooner so I could have played!

The 4th graders discussed the water cycle with the Frank Phillips College students, and how one water drop can take a journey in many different forms. The students pretended that they were a drop of water and each student would roll a dice to show were they needed to travel to next, as a drop of water. The students also had a leather bracelet and at each station they would stop at they would get a bead to put on their bracelet. The different stations included a soil, animals, swimming pools, glaciers and many more.

There were a few presentations that I was not able to visit. I did enjoy those that I was able to sit in on and it seemed like the four graders had a great time participating in every classroom.

I haven’t been in the panhandle of Texas since I was a little girl looking for a Brahman show steer with my father. I enjoyed the drive to and from Perryton and I took a few pictures on my drive home of Lake Meredith & of the sunset.

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