Wednesday, May 26, 2010

South Plains UWCD Art Contest Winning Pictures

The South Plains Underground Water Conservation District is pleased to announce, the 13 winners for their 4th annual Calendar Art Contest. There were three schools that participate in the contest; Wellman-Union Elementary, Burleson Elementary in Meadow and Oak Grove Elementary in Brownfield.
We enjoyed looking at all of the students' creative work and their original ideas they illustrated. It is interesting to see the water conservation message portrayed in so many unique ways.

The grand prize winner, whose artwork will be featured on the cover of our 2011 calendar, is

Makayla Perez, a student at Oak Grove Elementary

The following students' artwork will be featured on the monthly pages of our 2010 Calendar.

Hunter Neil, Wellman-Union Elementary

Elisabeth Peters, Wellman-Union Elementary

Karli Lambert, Wellman-Union Elementary

Erick Gonzales, Oak Grove Elementary

Justin Garcia, Oak Grove Elementary

Jasminne Garcia, Oak Grove Elementary

Robert Sanchez, Burleson Elementary

Katlen Garcia, Burleson Elementary

Gabriella Soto, Burleson Elementary

Eadon Hunt, Burleson Elementary

Aliyah Castillo Burleson Elementary

Helen Griesbrecht, Burleson Elementary

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