Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meadow Playa Festival

Today concluded the Playa Festival at Burleson Elementary in Meadow. Students from Wellman-Union, Dawson and Burleson ,along with their teachers, took part in our two-day learning experience.

Our 5th graders enjoyed listing to the different presenters and learning about our watershed. When we went to the playa visit on the second day, the kids couldn't wait to get off the bus to collect plants and animals in their bags. We did get a little muddy, but it was nothing that we couldn't wash off later.

A special thanks goes out to all of our presenters this week and our schools and their awesome teachers and staff. Also to the Terry County NRCS, Jackie Pate, Terry County AgriLife Extension, SPUWCD and the Ogallala Commons. It is amazing how much we can accomplish and how many students we can reach, when we work together.


Darryl Birkenfeld said...

Your blog is a fantastic record of the three Playa Festivals that we have worked on together. You take amazing photos that really capture the involvement and the learning enthusiasm of the students! You and the UCWDs were great partners on these events, and Ogallala Commons looks forward to other educational events we can collaborate on!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! Looks like it was a success.


Tammi Bell said...

Fantastic pictures and a really fun time. The students and teachers had a blast! We learned a great deal too. Thanks to all the groups who put on the Playa Lake Festival. We look forward to hosting it again next fall. Can't wait!