Thursday, October 7, 2010

Kids Kows & More: Brownfield

Yesterday, the SPUWCD presented at the Kids Kows & More program in Brownfield. Students from Wellman-Union, Meadow & Brownfield listened to presentations about cheese, beef, rainwater harvesting and forestry.

As usual, I was not able to take many pictures of the presentations because i busy presenting myself. BUT i did get a few shots when we traveled to the Meadow Farmers Co-op Gin, for a tour.

Dan Jackson, the Gin Manager, walked the students through the gin so they could see first hand how cotton is processed. Being a cotton farmers wife, I was excited for the students to see everything that it takes to produce a bale of cotton. Agriculture is such a huge part of our communities in West Texas, and i think Mr. Jackson made the students appreciate all the hard work that goes into the cotton ginning process.

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