Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Daily water applied - rainfall amount = you saving water

Conserving water is always important, whether it concerns brushing your teeth or watering your grass. Whichever way you conserve water, it is important that we understand our total water use.

In a cooperative effort, the South Plains UWCD and the Terry County Garden Club are teaming up to promote water use awareness. It is vital to know exactly how much water plants need to reach their optimum result. 

In order to kick off the water use awareness project, we have developed a rainfall reporting method to help the Terry County Garden Club track the rainfall their garden plots receive on a weekly and monthly basis. Knowing the amount of rainfall determines how often plants are irrigated. A rain gauge will be placed at the community garden to record rainfall. The rain gauge measurement will then be updated on the calendar and on a handout in the plastic tube.

Garden club members are encouraged to periodically check the calendar and compare the amount of water applied with the amount of rainfall. Monitoring water use can save water and give your plants the best conditions possible to produce a great harvest.

While this specific project is designed for the garden club, you can get involved too by becoming more aware of your daily water use. We encourage you to practice good water conservation to prevent water waste both indoors and outdoors.

For more information, feel free to contact us at savegroundwater@gmail.com  

Just like the Terry County Garden Club, you can keep track of
 your water use and compare it to rainfall you receive. 

Don't forget to measure rainfall. Hopefully there's much more in store!

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