Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Martin County Health Fair- Healthy Water, Healthy People

Last week, I traveled to the Permian Basin UWCD in Stanton to attend the Martin County Health Fair. The health fair brought together exhibits from across West Texas ranging from hospice healthcare to the importance of healthy water. Our exhibit encouraged the testing of water wells to ensure a healthy and wholesome water supply is available. 

Among this key message, we also spoke with several Stanton residents about water conservation. We passed out rain gauges, yard sprinkler gauges and an assortment of magnets and fly swatters. Overall, the message was well-received and people understand how crucial saving our water supply is. I look forward to having more opportunities to speak with West Texan residents on how they can do their part to save water and keep it healthy for the future. 

Below is a picture of the display. 

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