Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Water Conservation Day At The Capitol 2011

On Thursday, April 27, 2011, the Texas Water Foundation will host Water Conservation Day at the Capitol. The event is held during the legislative session, so that members of the state legislature are exposed to the water conservation programs in our state. As policy makers consider important water conservation legislation, knowledge of existing water conservation programs is helpful.
This year, The Education Cooperative hosted an art contest for high school juniors and seniors in each UWCD. For this contest, the students were asked to create artwork that depicts an original water conservation messages.

Eight students were selected, two from each UWCD, to travel to Austin in the Spring for Water Conservation Day at the Capitol. Their artwork will be displayed in the halls of the State Capitol during Water Conservation Day. The students will also work as a page for a state representative during their two-day visit in April.

The winners from each UWCD Are.....

Llano Estacado UWCD Winners
Daniel Pedroza; Seminole High School

Marcial Zubiate Seminole High School

Permian Basin UWCD Winners
Tony Bradey; Sands High School

Joseph Gardland; Sands High School

Sandy Land UWCD Winners
Janet Jimenez; Plains High School

Christian Valdez; Plains High School

South Plains UWCD Winners
Stephanie Seaton; Brownfield High School

Caitlin Swaringen; Brownfield High School

Monday, January 10, 2011

Playa Festival Results

This was the Education Cooperatives first year to participate in the Ogallala Commons Playa Festivals. Before each festival, the students are given a Pre and Post assessment to help Ogallala Commons measure their effectiveness. I am very proud of our the students in Terry & Yoakum Counties did!!

Follow the link to see how much the students improved.