Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birds, Bugs & Buffalo

We're Back! 

Lot of changes going on with the Co-op, so sorry for the lack of post the last few months! 

So we are going to play catch up! Starting at the end of September, we hit the ground running.  The annual Birds, Bugs, & Buffalo event was once again held in Brownfield and then in Meadow the following week.  The kids enjoyed a day in the classroom on Thursday with presentations about everything from water, bugs, weather & wildlife.  On Friday, the students went to the Buffalo Ranch outside of town.

The trip started with a talk with the Ranch foreman.  He told the kids all about the Buffalo!

The kids enjoyed watching the buffalo interact with each other.

One great addition this year, were backpacks for the kids donated by South Plains UWCD.  They came in so handy, allowing the students to be hand free from presentation to presentation.

After the buffalo talk, the kids divided up into groups.

The kids learned about branding and cattle.

and about all types of Birds.

The collected specimens from the field.

And learned the basics of soil.

All in all, the event was a huge success!  

It was a lot of fun to introduce the kids to a new experience! and help them learn about Birds, Bugs & Buffalo along the way!