Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ag & Oil Day 2011 LEUWCD

This years Ag & Oil Day in Seminole was a success. The LEUWCD hosted a booth inside for adult visitors who came to the event.

The display discussed what groundwater management areas are the desired future conditions of the aquifer.

Two--hundred and fifty, 4th graders from Seagraves, Seminole & Loop , gathered to hear presentations from eight different presenters. The students learned about farm animals, peanuts, cotton and much more.

The LEUWCD booth for the 4th graders was focused on rainwater harvesting. The Education Coordinator spoke about what rainwater harvesting is and how it can be used at home. They also discussed the importance of saving water and how they could do so.

After the presentation, the students played a game where they competed against each other on how much water they could harvest. Buckets full of beads ,aka:rain, were raced across to a their teams "gutters".

I had a great time at Ag & Oil Day, in Seminole, this year. The LEUWCD hosted a booth for adult visitors.