Tuesday, May 24, 2011

South Plains UWCD Art Contest Winning Pictures

The South Plains Underground Water Conservation District is pleased to announce, the 13 winners for their 5th annual Calendar Art Contest. There were three schools that participate in the contest; Wellman-Union Elementary, Burleson Elementary in Meadow and Oak Grove Elementary in Brownfield.

We enjoyed looking at all of the students' creative work and their original ideas they illustrated. It is interesting to see the water conservation message portrayed in so many unique ways.

The grand prize winner, whose artwork will be featured on the cover of our 2012 calendar, is
Aliyah Castillo, a student at Burleson Elementary in Meadow

The following students' artwork will be featured on the monthly pages of our 2012 Calendar.

Austin Simmons, Burleson Elementary in Meadow

Genesis Rodriguez , Burleson Elementary in Meadow

Riley McBee, Burleson Elementary in Meadow

Christian DeLuna, Burleson Elementary in Meadow

Helen Giesbrecht, Burleson Elementary in Meadow

Angelina Garcia, Oak Grove Elementary  in Brownfield

Cassidy Cooper, Oak Grove Elementary in Brownfield

Touryn Longoria, Oak Grove Elementary in Brownfield

Andrea Jaramillo, Wellman-Union Elementary 

Elisabeth Peters, Wellman-Union Elementary

Jacy Rowden, Wellman-Union Elementary

Nicole Sifuentez, Wellman-Union Elementary

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Water Conservation Day at the Capitol

The Education Cooperative  recently hosted an art contest for high school juniors and seniors located within our four water districts.. The students were asked to create artwork that depicts an original water conservation message. .

Two students from each water district were selected to  travel to Austin on April 26th. The next day the students displayed their artwork in the halls of the State Capitol at Texas Water Foundations Water Conservation Day at the Capitol. This event is held during the legislative session, so that members of the state legislature are exposed to the water conservation programs in our state.

The afternoon of the 27th, the students  worked as a page for state  their state representative . As a page, the students were on the house floor helping their represenative's staff as directed. All the students had a photo taken with their represenative.
Following their work at the capitol, the students had dinner with former State Representative Gary Walker and Texas Department of Agriculture’s State Marketing Coordinator, Amanda Lyles.

The students’ meals and travel were provided by the their sponsporing UWCD. . We hope the students’ experiences during this event encourage other to participate in future contest.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Rain Barrel Workshop: SPUWCD

The rain barrel workshop , hosted by the the SPUWCD, was a huge success. We had twenty-three participants, and each one received a rain barrel (fully assembled) and a set of wheels for their barrel.

Jason Coleman, Manager of the SPUWCD, gave the opening remarks. Crystal Hogue, followed with a brief presentation on how the barrels were assembled by the SPUWCD staff. The participants were then free to paint their barrels to their liking.  It was so much fun to see all the different ideas and personalities portrayed on each barrel.

To see more pictures from the workshop, please visit the SPUWCD Website at http://www.spuwcd.org/