Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What's happened & what's new

It's been awhile since a blog has been posted and we apologize for that. It has been so long because a new education coordinator was hired. My name is Adeline Fox, and I am the new education coordinator. I have recently started working and look forward to continually learning and teaching others of the importance of water conservation.

Being this is the first blog post since March, I'll give you a rundown of events over the past three months. Throughout March calendar contest preparations began for Sandy Land and South Plains. Once April came around, I was able to give presentations to Meadow and Wellman fourth and fifth graders. It was my first time on  the job and the kids were great! We turned the corner and May was here. Throughout May, we judged the calendar contests and winners were presented awards before their summer vacations.
With school winding down and summer just around the corner, students are anxiously awaiting their break. I have started working on the calendars and hope to make 4-H and other public visits throughout the summer. I'm so glad to join the team and hope to hit the ground running full speed with activities and presentations. Thank you!