Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 Llano Estacado Calendar Winners!

The Llano Estacado Underground Water Conservation District is pleased to announce, the 13 winners for their annual Calendar Art Contest. There were 508 entries from students at Loop, Seagraves and Seminole Elementary schools participated in the contest. 
We enjoyed looking at all of the students' creative work and their original ideas they illustrated. It is interesting to see the water conservation message portrayed in so many unique ways.

The grand prize winner, whose artwork will be featured on the cover of our 2014 school year calendar, is

Sarah Castillo, a student at Loop

There were 12 second place winners also that are featured each month of the calendar.  Those winners are the following:

Liam Murphy, also a student at Loop,

Darren Casarez, a student at Seminole Elementary,

Annie Wall, from Seminole Elementary,

Janessa Neufeld, Seminole Elementary 5th grader,

Miah Hinojosa, 4th grader from Seminole,

Itzel Quinonez, Seminole Elementary 5th Grader,

Anna Peters submitted this entry, she is a 5th grader at Loop!

Karina Holguin had money on her mind when she drew her entry! She is a 5th grader at Seagraves!

Alexis Garza, 5th grader at Seagraves!

One of the ag focused entries was submitted by John Neufeld of Seminole!

Janessa Neufeld, Seminole,

And last but certainitly not least! Samuel Cole Reynolds had this desert entry.  Samuel is a 5th grader at Seminole!

I was so proud of all 500 plus students that took the time to enter the Districts calendar contest!  These calendars are available at the district office in Seminole.  Please stop by & pick up your copy when you are in town!!