Monday, July 15, 2013

Shake, Rattle & Rainstick!

Last Friday I gave a presentation to the Martin County Library in Stanton. Being that we are still in a severe drought, I thought it might be good to make several rainsticks in hopes of receiving some rain. I think it might just work! Anyway, we talked about where rainsticks originate and how they have been passed down for generations. We read "The Rainstick, A Fable," and the kids really enjoyed it. After everyone learned what rainsticks were, we made our very own. Here are some pictures from the presentation. It was a blast!

The materials for the rainsticks: Duct tape, feathers, toilet paper holders, rubber bands and pinto beans.

Here are the ones I made. 

Everyone enjoyed personalizing their rainstick!

My favorite about this one is the "No Guys Allowed" sticker! haha.