Friday, November 1, 2013

Kids, Kows & More 2013

Kids, Kows & More proved to be yet another success as approximately 200 Terry County fourth graders attended the fun and informative event. Students from Brownfield and Meadow gathered around presentations ranging from soil composition to dairy food nutrition.

The county extension agent ask that I incorporate drinking water into my presentation.  So I discussed the importance of water conservation with the students and then focused on needing to save water because of the important role water plays in our bodies.  We talked about all the different parts of our bodies that need water to work correctly and discussed how much water we need to consume each day!

Since there is no specific guidelines for kids and the amounted needed can range anywhere from 32-64 ounces, 
we focused on hitting the 48oz mark each day!

After a few questions & answers...  the kids "Aimed" to see if they could reach the 48 oz mark!

It was a fun activity, that really reiterated how much water they should try to "get in thier mouth" each day!

As a side note, if we do this activity again...I will definitely invest in a few baby pools to set each easel in. 
 The tarp did not do a great job of catching the water. 

I am really enjoying getting to know the kids in each district.  

These fourth graders are eager to learn & had a great time at KK&More this year!!

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